Models – Clothing Steamers

A Propress clothing steamer is, quite simply, the best clothing steamer you can buy, enjoying an unparalleled reputation among professionals for over 25 years.

The key to the Propress clothing steamer’s exceptional performance is its unique, non-spit aluminium steam nozzle which fulfils two simultaneous functions, steaming and ironing, without damaging fibres.

Five times more efficient than a plastic nozzle, the aluminium nozzle ensures that creases and wrinklesinstantly disappear and that fabric is left crisp, fresh and full in a way that no other steamer can achieve. With no spitting, dribbling or snagging, it is completely safe to use on any fabric or textile, no matter how delicate.

Every component of a Propress clothing steamer has been carefully designed to suit our customers’ needs, from the high-impact mouldings, robust body and safety bumpers, stainless steel fastenings and boiler to the adjustable garment hook – it is the ultimate clothing steamer that does what you want it to do.

PRO 290 series clothing steamerPRO 290 series clothing steamer

The PRO 290 series is perfect for smaller operations and a less demanding environment. Its two-litre capacity gives an hour of uninterrupted steaming. Lightweight and mobile, it is easy to use on a shop floor or at home and is small enough to be taken on location to exhibitions or clients’ premises.

PRO290 – Designed for clothing applications, supplied with standard 1.65 metre hose assembly.


Voltage Power Capacity
230 V 1500 W 2 litres

PRO 580 series clothing steamerPRO 580 series clothing steamer

The PRO 580 series has a larger boiler capacity, so it lasts longer. Although ultimately designed for heavier, continuous use, its standby setting makes it ideal for daily intermittent use when you need a steamer on hand for instant crease removal. Almost identical in external dimensions and weight to the PRO290 series, its durability, flexibility and mobility make it popular for a very varied range of applications from fashion to automotive and domestic.

PRO580 – Designed for clothing applications, supplied with standard 1.65 metre hose assembly.


Voltage Power Capacity
230 V 1750 W 4 litres

Pro 290 and Pro 580 Colour Options

We have a range of colour options, please find below the three that we generally have in stock.

Propress Colour Options

Accessories for PRO clothing steamer series

We also provide a range of accessories compatible with all models and designed to make your life easier. If you don’t see what you need, please contact our contracts department who will do their very best to help you.

  • Carrying Case with central handle and 2 latches
  • Drapery Kit – Hi-Reach 3 metre hose assembly and extension poles
  • Clothiers Hose assembly complete, 1.65 metres long
  • Drapers Hose assembly complete, 2 metres long
  • Velvet Upholstery Brush
  • Cashmere Nozzle Brush
  • Hand Pressing Pad
  • Carpet Nozzle extra wide with 2 metre hose assembly
  • Carpet Nozzle extra wide with 2 metre hose and assembly and pole set