Clothing steamers and Ironing for fashion, curtains and all fabrics

Cloudbase Concepts Limited, in conjunction with Bruce Moore Enterprises Limited of Christchurch, is proud to market the products manufactured by Propress United Kingdom such as the renowned Propress clothing and curtain steamer,

Propress clothing and curtain steamers are of unmatchable quality, safety and performance, used in both clothing and soft furnishings to remove creases and wrinkles instantly.

They are ‘fit for purpose’ in any environment using any quality of tap water. Stable and secure, ergonomically designed, lightweight and durable with units still in operation manufactured eighteen years ago. Propress clothing and curtain steamers can be used on any type of fabric from the most delicate silks to nylon waterproof materials, ties and even leather.

A Propress clothing and curtain steamer is, quite simply, the best steamer you can buy, enjoying an unparalleled reputation among professionals for over 25 years.

The key to Propress’s exceptional performance is its unique, non-spit aluminium steam nozzle which fulfils two simultaneous functions, steaming and ironing, without damaging fibres.

Five times more efficient than a plastic nozzle, the aluminium nozzle ensures that creases and wrinkles instantly disappear and that fabric is left crisp, fresh and full in a way that no other steamer can achieve. With no spitting, dribbling or snagging, it is completely safe to use on any fabric or textile, no matter how delicate.

Every component of a Propress clothing or curtain steamers has been carefully designed to suit customers’ needs, from the high-impact mouldings, robust body and safety bumpers, stainless steel fastenings and boiler to the adjustable garment hook – it is the ultimate steamer that does what you want it to do.

From all hung fabrics in whatever made up state: clothes on hangers, curtains, valances; they can be used to freshen up and remove wrinkles on manchester, even bed linen actually on the bed when made up.

Propress clothing and curtain steamers are used world wide and you will see them in use in a great variety of locations from Fashion Groups, Department Stores, Retail fashion stores, Couture, Sportswear, Bridal, Furniture, Theatres, Television stations, Charity shops, Hotels, and Garment manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and fashion agents.

Garment Steamer in action

Using a Propress Steamer

Maintenance of a Propress Steamer

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