Garment Steamer hired for Royal Tour

Our Propress garment steamers have been hired by Government House for Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall’s Diamond Jubilee tour of New Zealand. With 36 suitcases of garments efficient quality garment steamers were required and Propress garment steamers produced the required results.

Steamer hired for Vintage Clothes

Our Propress clothes steamers were recently hired by the New Zealand Historic Places Trust’s Highwic House. This was to prepare their delicate vintage clothes for Highwic’s 150th Anniversary Exhibition ‘Fashion Treasures’.

These examples of fashionable clothes from the early 1800’s to 1890’s required special care to be prepared for the exhibition.

The Propress Clothes Steamer was recommended to them by the United Kingdom’s National Trust and proved to be the perfect solution.

Clothes Steamers hired for Trinny & Susannah Tours

Our Propress clothes steamers have been hired for each of the New Zealand tours by the famed international UK duo of Trinny & Susannah.

Thank you for all the help

I am writing to thank you for all your help with the clothes steamer, it is greatly appreciated.

Kristina Philomel / Wardroom, Royal NZ Navy

Garment Steamer Hire Saves Hours

Thank you for the hire of your garment steamer. We were able to process a large number of garments for our photo shoot in a fraction of the time it would have taken to iron them.

Jessica / Photographic Agency, Auckland

Only Propress clothes steamer lasts the distance

We have trialed a few different clothes steamers over the years and found only one brand to actually last the distance and give good value for money.

Annmaree / Distribution Manager - Hallensteins

Propress Clothes Steamer Life Changing!

The Propress clothes steamer we purchased from you last year has been awesome. In fact I would go as far as to say “life changing”. Previously we used to work all day and bicker over who had to work back in evenings to keep up with having sufficient ironed garments to stock the shop. Now we do the preparation during the day and in substantially less time. So we actually have free time! Now we need another steamer for our next store.

Allison / Vixen Recycled Clothing Store – Auckland

Propress Garment Steamer Worked Fantastic

We had an entire indent line of garments with creases that had to be removed before delivery. We managed it in just two days – your Propress garment steamer worked fantastic and did the job, thanks.

Kieran / for Urban Creative – Auckland

We will Recommend Propress Clothes Steamers

The clothes steamer has arrived back (from service). Thank you so much for fixing her and making her good as new, and thanks for the care instructions. Thank you once again, we were very pleased with your service. We will recommend you to customers who enquire about purchasing garment steamers for themselves.

Jess / Three Wise Men – Wellington