There is no faster or safer way to make bridal dresses look their very best. Cannot scorch or burn, safe to use on the most delicate of fabrics, embellishments, embroidery or lingerie.

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A Propress bridal steamer is, quite simply, the best bridal steamer that you can buy, enjoying an unparalleled reputation among bridal professionals for over twenty five years.

Propress clothing steamers have proven indispensable to manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers as well as a wide variety of wedding venues and even the brides themselves! From veils and tails to evening dresses, ball gowns and satin shoes, Propress clothing steamers are the perfect way to ensure that clothes look their very best on special occasions.

Our clothing steamers rejuvenate all fabrics in an instant, leaving them looking fresh and new. They cannot scorch or burn and are safe to use on the most delicate fabrics from velvet and silk to beads and other appliqués and even lingerie. Propress clothing steamers are used on clothes as they hang, removing creases and wrinkles immediately whilst maintaining a perfect shape. They can also be used on the intricate detail of dresses, be it a bodice a bow or an underskirt, leaving the dress beautifully formed.

Window displays can be updated in minutes helping to catch the customers eye.

The key to Propress’s exceptional performance is its unique, non-spit aluminium steam nozzle which fulfils two simultaneous functions, steaming and ironing, without damaging fibres. Five times more efficient than a plastic nozzle, the aluminium nozzle ensures that creases and wrinkles instantly drop out and that fabric is left crisp, fresh and full in a way that no other steamer can achieve. With no spitting, dribbling or snagging.

Every component of a Propress clothes steamer has been carefully designed to suit your needs, from the high-impact mouldings and robust body to the stainless steel fastenings and boiler – it is the ultimate steamer that does what you want it to do, made in England and built to last.

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